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During my time at Forsbergs I got the oppurtunity to create a new visual identity for La Fleur. In this situation it meant: designing the cover of the new album and creating a new logotype.

La Fleur is a Swedish house and techno DJ. She started out as a pharmacist but pursued her music interest by moving to Berlin to master her passion.

La Fleur finds her inspiration in nature, art and music. When asked what aesthetic she likes she responded "Beautiful with a twist"


Listening to La Fleur's music sparked the concept "Occult". The direction I chose to pursue was inspired sci-fi worlds since her music does that - Bring you some place new.


Minimalistic sci-fi vibe

*Front + Back page

Since La Fleur talked about beauty with a twist - The world I decided to create was inspired by beauty we find in the everyday and beauty from the past. Mountains, Collumns and eyes. 

*La Fleur’s music

To give an extra feeling of who La Fleur is and how my creation correlates, here’s some of her work.