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Flower pals is a fantasy clothing brand created during my time at Forsbergs. All clothing is made with eco-friendly materials, the brand also focuses on comfort and fun designs.

The target group for this product is youth and young adults. But if this brand was to become a reality, I’d hope that even the older target group would want a comfy sweater with a flower on it!

Flower pals is all about good vibes and comfort. Because who wouldn't feel good, knowing that their clothing not only has a fun design but is eco friendly and comfy too!


The design was inspired by the brand like Comme des Garcons, with their signature heart logotype that puts a bit of fun into the everyday clothes you wear.

Instead of the heart I wanted to do flowers, because flowers go more hand in hand when we're talking about the environment - reflecting the eco friendly aspect of the brand.



What is comfort if not sweaters during sweater weather?


Matching the packaging design with the overall fun look of the brand felt important
since it has potential to add interrest from passer-bys who are unfamiliar with the brand.