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Chocolate buddies was a fantasy project that I created in the beginning of the pandemic. The idea awoke from my own struggles, not being able to see the people I wanted and feeling like everything in the store was kinda boring after numerous evenings being at home, watching yet another movie without any snacks, because nothing was fun or interresting enough to try out.

"With chocolate buddies you'll never feel chocolonely!"

The playful and colorful design was inspired from my own desires when picking something new in the store. I wanted it to catch your eye and stand out on the chocolate shelves in the store and also to make your pantry or fridge have a fun product in them (If they last long enough to get to the pantry or fridge).


The concept was to create a brand that would make you feel surrounded by delicious flavours during hardships when you can't surround yourself with friends or family. Making you happy you don't have anyone you have to share the chocolate with - Since it's so good you'll wanna eat it all by yourself.

*Logotype and design elements

Animals illustrated as the ingredients, making it easy to find your flavour. And making it fun to try a new one!


The packages would be made out or carton to reduce plastic waste. It would be easy to open and easy to close. The chocolate inside would be wrapped in aluminum foil. 


*The first flavours

The first flavours released would be
*Dark chocolate with caramelized orange chunks (Orangec hunks)
*White chocolate with dried strawberries
*Milk chocolate with roasted almonds

The reason for not having plain Milk chocolate, plain White chocolate
or plain Dark chocolate was to drag attention. You can get good plain
chocolate anywhere. And to fill different desires, I wanted to create
flavours that would stand out a little more - Not only to reach those
customers looking for something specific but to build the brand on fun
flavours from the very start.

*First sketch

The first sketch was made without any ulterior motives that it would turn
out into anything more than a fun drawing. But looking at what I had
created sparked the whole idea to make it a concept brand.