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Hyper Island





I am a 26 years old graphic designer, born and raised in Stockholm Sweden.

When I was younger I was a creative mess! The papers never seemed to last long enough. I would draw on the walls, on my furniture and even on myself. My parents didn’t wait long til they bought me my first tablet which started the whole journey of realizing I wanted to become a graphic designer. And luckily I could finally create endlessly without destroying anymore furniture!

I remember starting out making drawings in MS paint, animating in Windows movie maker and selling art through DeviantArt.com. All the commissions I was taking I sold for barely no money, which later on I see as something good, It made the list long, and since I was hungry for drawing, it made me challenge myself to grow in a quick pace. The animations took long, I drew frame by frame and I can’t say I was very good at it until I learned After Effects which was a lot later. 

The need to create drove me to applying for both art schools and visual communication schools.

During my time at art schools I’ve done everything from smelting metal, building furniture, sewing clothes, ceramics, sculpting clay, created big oil paintings, weaving, knitting, animation, illustrating books, UX/UI etc. But I realized almost directly that visual communication was my calling! Don’t get me wrong, I’d still love to have a workshop one day, but it’s not my dreamjob to smelt metal or build furniture.

I remember whenI got assigned my first client through school. It was so exciting! I had just started learning more about graphic design and I missed a lot of important steps, but it awoke the urge to keep on growing and to in the future always deliver what the client envisions!

I am glad to say I’ve had a lot of happy encounters since then, working withcompanies like Hedvig, Dyamo, Svenska Pen, Alltid förlag etc.