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About ME
I am 26 years old, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. 
If I was to describe myself with one word - It’d be creative.

When I was younger I was a creative mess. The papers never seemed to last long enough, I would draw on the wall, on my furniture and even on myself. 
It didn’t take long til my parents made sure I got a tablet - So I could draw endlessly without destroying any more furniture with doodles. 
Getting a tablet was the start of a creative awakening. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been creative, but a new world opened up. I started making small animations, selling art commissions and learn different programs. 
Which made me interrested in persuing art schools and visual communication schools.

In short I’ve done everything from smelting metal, building furniture, sewing clothes, ceramics, sculpting clay, created big oil paintings, weaving, knitting, animation, illustrating books, UX/UI etc.

But I remember when I started to love design. It felt like a whole new language that you’d never learn 100% since it’s always changing, and that’s what makes me feel so passionated about it. There will always be room for improvements and new knowledge.