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Vintage Portrait Photography is something that I believe carries a lot of femininity and timeless beauty. As a photographer I have no answer why I am so attracted to this style, it just naturally is part of what I do and I truly enjoy it. It’s classy and feminine and unique.
To feel what she feels, to see what she sees, to know what’s inside of her soul…
I have always been fascinated by the magic of an old photograph….there is so much to contemplate…to perceive…to feel the eternity, the bond between us all, the nonexistence of past, present or future…

Headshots and Portrait photography consumes me with it’s silent magic….

Elegant softness

Hopelessly in love with you,
no sense in giving me advice.
I tried the poison of love
that I serve and their remedies?
They want to tie my feet
to be unable to find you,
not knowing that my heart is running behind you.