Vintage Portrait Photography- Timeless portrait photography

Vintage Portrait Photography is something that I believe carries a lot of femininity and timeless beauty. As a photographer I have no answer why I am so attracted to this style, it just naturally is part of what I do and I truly enjoy it. It’s classy and feminine and unique.
To feel what she feels, to see what she sees, to know what’s inside of her soul…
I have always been fascinated by the magic of an old photograph….there is so much to contemplate…to perceive…to feel the eternity, the bond between us all, the nonexistence of past, present or future…

Headshots and Portrait photography consumes me with it’s silent magic….

Elegant softness

Hopelessly in love with you,
no sense in giving me advice.
I tried the poison of love
that I serve and their remedies?
They want to tie my feet
to be unable to find you,
not knowing that my heart is running behind you.

a lover of your own experience …

“You are a lover of your own experience … not of me … you turn to me to feel ur own emotion”

Yet life is not orderly…

We perceive that life unfolds in a linear fashion because our brain processes it one moment after another. But life itself is actually an infinitely complex dance in which we participate, but of which we catch only limited glimpses.



When we forget who we truly are,

we turn to external rules..



I will never know again who I am, what I am, what I love, what I want….

“.. I wanted to run out and kiss her fanatastic beauty and say: ‘June, you have killed my sincerity too. I will never know again who I am, what I am, what I love, what I want. Your beauty has drowned me, the core of me. You carry away with you a part of me reflected in you. When your beauty struck me, it dissolved me. Deep down, I am not different from you. I dreamed you, I wished for your existance. You are the woman I want to be. I see in you that part of me which is you. I feel compassion for your childlike pride, for your trembling unsureness, your dramatization of events, your enhancing of the loves given to you. I surrender my sincerity because if I love you it means we share the same fantasies, the same madnesses” The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Volume 1: 1931-1934