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I am thrilled to announce that Jaitara is leading this November S.E.E. – “Sexual Enlightenment Experience” Women’s Retreat in the Bahamas.

It’s an Amazing, Magical, One of a Lifetime Goddess Retreat that brings together inner work and the opportunity to anchor that state Forever and live  with Passion.

  Retreat-Bahamas-Retreat-House-Retreats-Women-Retreat (3) Retreat-Bahamas-Retreat-House-Retreats-Women-Retreat (4)

It’s in the Bahamas!!!! Woo woo!
Do you see yourself there?

Retreat-Bahamas-Retreat-House-Retreats-Women-Retreat (2)Retreat-Bahamas-Retreat-House-Retreats-Women-Retreat (1)Retreat-Bahamas-Retreat-House-Retreats-Women-Retreat (5)

This beach is just outside of our front door. There are no tourists on this beach, just locals with only 4 homes on a one mile stretch. Our villa is one of them. The best retreat house in the world!

Can’t wait! We will dance together, laugh, cry, celebrate, inspire and play! The great room is perfect for sharing circles and process. Sun by day, camp fire at night.

You will receive wisdom and tools to deepen your self-love, empower your love with others, and claim a new level of unapologetic expression in your professional purpose. Because only when we love ourselves, we are Passionate, we are Daring, Fearless and Courageous, we are ready to express all that we are and we know our true value.

I believe I have been given a gift. The gift of of seeing the Miracle of You, the Multidimensional and Magnificent You!

You also have the option to ad a Goddess PhotoSession and leave with amazing pieces of art that will anchor you forever to the magical state of bliss. I am focused on revealing every layer of beauty, exceptionality, magic and the DIVINITY that You Are! I am also not bound to one style, my style is You!

Who’s in?!!!

Contact me here or email me at

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Capturing your essence ~ htp://

Capturing your essence ~ htp://

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