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Overwhelmed, overloaded and exhausted by the never ending stream of information -conscious, subconscious, direct or subliminal…..We are looking for simplicity, serenity and quiet wisdom. We are gasping for fresh air, for stillness in time.
What will save us from submerging in insanity, what will halt the time and silence the noise? Chattering but not speaking, listening but not hearing, Jammed, clogged, burdened and oblivious, blind and deaf to the essence of the true reality, we live in a world that we sometimes wish we didn’t belong to. A world that we don’t really understand..or feel. We have lost the ability to quiet our minds and contemplate in solitude and wonder in awe..Forced to believe that all we get is one chance at life and that the earth needs every hour, minute, second of our time, of us…..

Teachers night – a room full of parents, men and women with tired eyes and lifeless bodies. No fire, no flame, no vibrancy or excitement. What robbed us from the innate passion for life? What turned us into desert flowers dying, gasping for water?

Overindulged, buried in chemically altered food and material possessions, we walk deprived – hungry and thirsty.

A feeling of escape and a survival instinct overwhelms me every day, but… Where? How? When?

The routine is all we know… we die slowly without identity, we try not to, we still do..

All that’s left behind on a digital memory stick are the captured moments, faces, flowers, the tincture of our lives….