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Evelina is an award winning artist photographer, featured by CBS Los Angeles as one of the Best Artistic Photographers of Orange County.

She has and unique ability to capture the pure essence of her clients trough the camera lens. Evelina is an artist, a muse and facilitator of healing.

Her art is a process of creation and transformation, allowing her clients to access their ecstatic nature. She shifts them to a new state of self awareness that electrifies them to Fearlessly Flirt with Life!!!

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Evelina is born in eastern Europe and she lives in US with her husband and son since 2000.

Besides artist and photographer she is also web developer, graphic designer and consciousness addict. She teaches meditation, offers private healing and transformational sessions. Besides learning a lot from her clairvoyant Grandmother she studied a variety of modalities designed to allow people the release of karma, emotional residue and confusion so they can live a lighthearted and happy life.

Evelina & Rumen

Evelina is the Creator of The Ecstatic Goddess Alliance ~ 

In a world that is trying to make us crazy, depressed, dissatisfied, sick and poor we step into our intuition, self-confidence, truth, integrity, inner and outer beauty and presence.

When we let the outer world define our inner world – that’s a very shaky & dis-empowered place to live from!

Because when a woman stops doubting and externalizing herself and starts loving herself,
When a woman starts falling in love with herself there is this big heart opening and nourishment, there is a Conscious reclaiming of the body and inner power. And that is true beauty!

In this group you will feel safe to open your heart and you will be nurtured to Greatness.

With heart!

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”   – Howard Thurman

I live. I love. I laugh. I grow. As a graphic designer and web developer for more than 11 years I lately discovered a different muse and stimulus in life – Photography. My meditation temple is nature, my heart is the universe, fascinating, enchanting, full of surprises every day… I think at certain age along with wisdom comes a burst of creativity, desire to give, to love, to be… We are expanding in directions, we never thought we would..we are finally able to feel comfortable in our skin and be bold and authentic more than ever…

I believe we all live in a special time period that does not tolerate old dogmas, methods and attitudes… I feel the silent revolution that bubbles underneath the crisis and the fear…new leaders, new ideas, new visions are emerging in our global village…and easily shared, lifted and absorbed by all…

The world as we know it will change and change is a trigger and indication of evolution and I say: Viva la revolution! 🙂